Coronavirus (now called COVID-19), Ebola, Influenza, MERS.


VeriDoc Global developed a Patented Solution using Blockchain Technology which delivers the ability to make a real difference in the battle against Coronavirus (COVID-19), Ebola, Influenza and MERS viruses.

In our everchanging world with the technological advances and the ease of travel, national and international borders are of no consequence when it comes to the transmission of these deadly viruses. With the travel times in modern day travel, one can be infected with a deadly virus and show no symptoms for several days, they could travel halfway around the world, making contact with and infecting hundreds of unsuspecting people without realizing that they are infected with a virus.

The World Health Organization, United Nations and others have a had a big challenge in the East African regions of the Congo and prior in West Africa countries and Regions with the feared Ebola Virus, which has killed many thousands of people over the last decades. WHO and the other agencies and governments have had success in controlling Ebola, but it is still proving to be a great challenge in these regions.

Another real challenge facing authorities and governments all over the world is the influx of migrants from war torn countries and the inability of creating a secured system controlling data and movements of these migrants. There have been countless solutions provided by IT Companies, (for health, migration, medical treatments and more) implemented in the past decades by all governments and health care organizations, at great cost, to solve these challenges, but to no avail as the IT Companies could never deliver on their promises and the desired results.

The VeriDoc Patented Solution is unique in its ability to give Proof of Provenance and Authenticity, bring track and trace capabilities in real time for all of these challenges faced by authorities.

With the Coronavirus, Ebola, MERS and influenza, it is important to implement a secure system to collect all data in real time, relating to the patient travel itineraries and treatment locations and prescribed treatments, irrespective of their geographical location, anywhere in the world.

VeriDoc Globals patented IT Solution is a flexible formula with the ability to make meaningful changes in real time which allows data to be accessed by health authorities in seconds throughout the world.

The most important requirement of the VeriDoc Global Solution is the security of all data relating to the International Heath Card holder, the data security for world health authorities. Governments and relevant authorities.

VeriDoc Global does not require access to any of the patients records.

Veridoc Global will not store any data or records.
All data and records are stored on the data systems of relevant health organizations and relevant authorities using the VeriDoc Secured Solution

Access to this information can and would be restricted to medical staff by the relevant authorities.

With the huge population growth throughout developing nations over the next thirty years there is going to be a huge financial and infrastructure burden placed on these nations and the international community by these deadly Coronavirus, Ebola, MERS, Influenza, TB, Measles and others.

Without implementation of the correct data systems to secure these immediate and future requirements of patients medical data, records, traceability and proof of provenance in real time, the control and treatments for Coronavirus, Ebola, MERS and Influenza and others will become an ever increasing financial burden and an impossible task to control and track with the current record keeping systems in place for governments and health authorities worldwide.

VeriDoc Globals Solution and technology delivers real time Proof of Provenance and Authenticity to all data and records related to patients using their International Health Card who receive medical treatment for symptoms of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Ebola, Influenza or MERS viruses and any other treatments. With the patients International Health Card, World Health Organization, United Nations, Governments, medical authorities and statutory bodies will have access to all medical treatments for any of the patients with real time data and traceability with GPS Tracking. Alerts could be placed on these cards if travel is restrictions are in place.

VeriDoc Globals Solution enables health authorities and governments to track all treatment but more importantly with the Coronavirus, Ebola, MERS and Influenza viruses it will give these organizations the ability to monitor in real time, treatments and movement of people in these regions affected by these viruses with the use of the International Health Card.

With the VeriDoc Global secured International Health Card when a patient goes to his Doctor or hospital, the assigned medical staff scan the QR Code on the International Health Care card and this then gives the medical staff access to the medical history on that patient. This event is registered on the data records of that patient, all logins to these health cards are time stamped and GPS location recorded.

Medical staff can add images, genomics and medical data and reports in real time to the VeriDoc Secured patients history on the blockchain network.

The Doctor can view updated data and add final recommendations or treatments administered to the patient.

A permanent record is created and data updated using the VeriDoc Global Solution. This includes all healthcare services provided, medications and pharmaceuticals, diagnostics or procedures given. Most importantly, a true and correct record of all medications, immunizations, vaccines administered, whether it be for Coronavirus, Ebola, MERS, Influenza, Measles, Chicken Pox, TB, Malaria treatments or any other ailment.

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